Ten Essential Items For a Fit, Comfortable Pregnancy and Birth


Great list of 10 items you need for a easy peasy pregnancy and birth!!!!

Originally posted on Fit to Be Pregnant:

Ten Essential Items For a Fit, Comfortable Pregnancy and Birth | Fit To Be Pregnant

Being pregnant is a very exciting and overwhelming time. Choosing what to spend money on for such a short period of time can also be tough. To remain fit, comfortable, and healthy throughout your 40 weeks, here are some items I think are essential for myself, or are on my own wish list, that I think are worth the investment.

  1. Maternity Workout Clothes – For about the first 20 weeks I could get away with stretching an old workout tank over my growing bump. I’ll never forget trying on the first workout shirt made for maternity and exclaiming to my husband “Ahhh, this feels SO GOOD!” If you’re trying to stay fit, you don’t need your workout clothes to be too constricting, so invest in some good workout clothes and bras. I love the adorable styles at For Two Fitness, and I also think the tanks at Old Navy…

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Nursing Bra Review from The Hot Toddies of Washington

The Hot Toddies of WA logoThe Bloggers over at “The Hot Toddies of Washington” posted a great review of the nursing bra brand You! Lingerie on the blog a few weeks ago.

Sexy Nursing Bra

Below are some of the highlights but check out the entire blog entry on this site:

Thoughts on You! and nursing bras in general:

I just got the most fabulous nursing bra EVER!!!! I hate nursing bras! They are so ugly and sure my boobies look lovely with clothes on top but there is just something about knowing you also look good under those clothes and now I can say I do!

Initial thoughts on You! Lingerie’s products:

I decided it was time to go on a new bra hunt. I searched and searched and finally came across You! Lingerie they actually had my size AND they were beautiful!

Final thoughts:

All in all this bra is amazing. I will be ordering more as soon as possible…

Like I said be sure to check out their entire entry for full thoughts on You! Lingerie nursing bras

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New Sexy Nursing Bras Coming This December

You! Lingerie just released a couple of shot of their upcoming line, the Basic You! Collection. It features 3 bras in nude and/or white colorways. Here is a shot of them.

Sexy Nursing Bras

If these are anything like their sexy nursing bras from the Signature You! Collection, we think fashionista mamas all over will be happy. Also, based on some comments on the You! Lingerie Facebook page, it seems like they are going to extend the sizes…so big breasted mama rejoice. It looks likes you may have some more options for nice looking maternity & nursing bras!

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Maternity Lingerie Video

A little video from You! Lingerie – the maker of cute maternity lingerie

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If you are a first-time m…

If you are a first-time mom, you may wonder if you really need a nursing bra. Some women think that they can buy larger sizes of regular bras, as opposed to buying nursing bras, citing budget considerations or style limitations of nursing bras

Great quote from blog entry Do I Need A Nursing Bra?

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How Many Nursing Bras Does a New Mom Need???

Cool blog entry addressing the question “How Many Nursing Bras Do I Need?

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Cool Blog entry – mama-to-be: Maternity Bras

Pretty good article about Maternity Lingerie on the blog Mamas Got Style. She included some of the usual suspects, but didn’t have my fav brand for maternity lingerie, You! Lingerie.

Check out the full article here: mama-to-be: Maternity Bras.

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